Woman Push

The Project „Woman Push“ consists of three parts:


A part of the project are series of lectures at the Pram Museum on the historical topics: women rights and fertility, domestic violence against women and children, the change of woman roles in the historical perpective. The lectures are held by successful women who share their experience with the local community.

Project “Women push”. Workshop and lecture by Ella Kari about recycling and paper creation. 

08.03.2022  Project “Women push”. Lecture by Kaarel Aluoja.

08.05.2022 Project “Women push”. Ukrainian singer Yarina was presenting in the Pram Museum. 




New exhibition dedicated to female rights in the frame of the history of transportation development.

The exhibition presented in the Pram Museum in Käru. 

15.03 – 15.04.2022 Tallinn, Mall of Tallinn T1

08.05 – 20.07.2022 The Pram Museum (Käru Muuseum)

22.07 – 20.08.2022 Narva, Vaba Lava

 The exhibition is designed to be available for a variety of the audience and is based on academic research and the collection of the Pram Museum (Käru Muuseum) which shows how the development of house equipment influenced during the time the everylife of ordinary women. Moreover, the project talks about the way women in a long-term perspective fight for their rights and what is the situation now. Firstly, the exhibition is presented in the Pram Museum. Secondly, it goes around several places in Estonia. The exhibition is built on academic research and illustrated with the collection of photographs, statistics taken from official institutions and the selection of the pram from the museum. The project shows development of womens underwear. It represents the individual memories which create the collective memory. What is the position of women in  Estonia nowadays?


In the frame of the project was recorded twelve radio shows focused on female topics, women rights dedicated to historical periods starting from the 19th century till today. The main purpose is to address questions related to mobility and fertility in a historical perspective. The shows are recorded in a format of conversation with well established experts. The shows are broadcasted by Radio 4, adopted for podcasts formats and used as a part of the exhibition.

The Project „Woman Push“ consists of three parts:
The project is supported by Active Citizens Fund, mediated by Open Estonia Foundation in cooperation with Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organization: