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Welcome to The Pram Museum

The Pram Museum in Käru is a place that takes you back in time. The museum’s collection comprises of approximately 200 strollers: prototype prams from 18th Century England, aristocratic strollers of Central Europe, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, 19th Century Russia, a unique 1928 stroller dating to the first Republic of Estonia. 

Why did the strollers of 1920s and 1930s become so low? How does the first transforming stroller look like? Who was the inventor of the first folding stroller? What is the connection between the light industry of the USSR and stroller production? How long was the distance that a Teras factory stroller was expected to cover?

Visiting us

The excursion shows guests our historic exhibition and lets you learn about the daily lives of 18th and 19th Century Europeans. What did the sidewalks of the time look like, and how were the old strollers different from the current ones?

During the excursions for younger visitors, we focus more on the history of toys and how the children of the past used to play.

For groups of lower and upper secondary school students we mention historical events in Europe, the Industrial Revolution in England, the Victorian age, Czarist time in the Governorates of Estonia and Livonia in the 18th and 19th Century, the production of strollers during the first Republic of Estonia. Memory and history, term definitions of the best philosophers in the world.

For senior visitors we tell and show amazing stories that may be familiar to many, so we often end up with a discussion and people gladly share their experiences and stories. 

Reasons to visit the museum:

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The museum of strollers is a great place to celebrate a birthday

as a small team, we receive especially a lot of positive feedback from holding a surprise holiday for your parents or friends. On the birthday of the birthday boy, they bring him to the museum, where our guide greets him with hot pies and delicious tea. During the tour, special emphasis is placed on the childhood and memories of the birthday boy. Guides talk about this period of time. When the holiday brought the whole family together, especially vividly family members get acquainted with the past of their grandparents.
Having lived an eventful life, people retire with interest and talk about their experiences. The Museum of strollers offers a pleasant excursion and a delicious tea party, the opportunity to use a projector, if necessary, as well as assistance in catering.
The Wheelchair Museum provides its own space for small seminars, meetings or gatherings of up to 25 people. If necessary, you can use a projector and arrange meals.

What can a young groom expect from marriage

Suddenly start seeing off to married life with a museum of strollers? What to expect for a young groom from marriage. Funny tasks, acquaintance with strollers of the past, baby swaddling and other challenges await the groom, tomorrow's husband and father. All the stag parties made even the most skeptical participants laugh. Surprise your friend - start a bachelor party with our museum!

Wheelchair rental

The Museum of Strollers rents its strollers for filming movies, for theatrical productions and for photo shoots. Prices and conditions must be agreed in advance. In the photo: The participation of strollers in the filming of a feature film directed by Alesya Suzdaltseva

Accommodation, meals

At the moment, if the group wants to order lunch at the museum, it must be agreed in advance. There is an inn in Kyaru, but it also works only by appointment.

Museum Guides

Founder of the museum. Alyona conducts excursions in Russian, Estonian, and English.
The head of children’s programs, an experienced teacher. Excursions for children in Estonian.
Kaya conducts excursions in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish.
Conducts excursions in Estonian, Russian


Since the first day of the museum’s creation, Alyona’s parents have been very helpful in repairing and restoring strollers. Today Lyudmila conducts excursions in Russian, Lyudmila places a special emphasis on the history of materials, tailoring and tailoring of outfits and strollers, since Lyudmila is a designer designer by profession.


If you would like to get in touch with us, there are several ways to do so. You can call us, send us an email, or reach out to us through our social media channels. However, we recommend using the Fienta service to book your visit as it will show you the available dates and times for the upcoming month.

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